There is nothing like neighbourly love

I do work very long hours for London escorts, and hooking up with my boyfriend, is not something that I always get a chance to do more than once a week. We have this very open relationship, and I know that he sleeps with his neighbour. In fact, so do I and my neighbour Charlie has become a very exciting booty call after I have finished my London escorts shift. He is even better in bed than my boyfriend, but I have never told him that.

Most of the girls I work with at cheap escorts, have a pretty liberal attitude towards relationships. Sure, I cannot think of any girl from a great cheap escorts service who would not like to have a decent relationship with her boyfriend, but that is easier said than done when you work long hours. If you are a bit like me, and cannot get enough of a good thing, it is handy to have a nearby booty call as I call it. Sometimes I just slip on my robe, and knock on Charlie’s door to show off my latest lingerie item. One thing leads to another…

Am I oversexed? This idea about being oversexed, is something I think that we need to drop. I would say that the vast majority of girls at cheap escorts have rather high sex drives and like to enjoy a sexy encounter from time to time. Some of the girls I work with, even do other jobs within the adult entertainment industry in London, and it keeps them happy. I do have some other commitments outside of London escorts, and love to do a little bit of adult modelling on the side of working for London escorts.

My boyfriend and I have more in common than just sex. I think if your relationship is all about sex, it does not make for very strong common ground. Yes, I do enjoy having sex with him, but if I had sex with the same partner all of the time, I would get bored. He feels the same way about life, and the fact that we met at a London sex party says it all. He was impressed that I worked for a London escorts service, and I guess you can say that he is fulfilling one of his dreams to date a girl from a London escorts service.

Open relationships can work if you don’t make your relationship just about sex. It should never be allowed to “control” the relationship, and that is what I like about being with my boyfriend. Our sexual relationship is very dynamic, but we can totally come away from that, and do other things like going hiking or taking a holiday together. Out of all of the girls who work for our London escorts service, I think that I have a very healthy relationship with my boyfriend, and all of the other exciting men in my life I meet on a daily or nightly basis.

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